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Kayhan Kalhor and Maria Pomianowska

Musical meeting of two legendary masters of knee fiddles from Iran and Poland: 

Kayhan Kalhor and Maria Pomianowska. The virtuosos  present the sound of two reconstructed Polish instruments: suka bilgorajska and fidel plocka paired with the sound of the Iranian kemanche. The musicians  play their own program, with pieces showing inspirations based on sources not only from Iran and Poland, but from all over the world. The project crosses the borders of different cultures and musical genres. An interesting fact about the musical career of the masters is that they have both graduated in cello and both had the honor of playing with the world's most known cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. 

 The project also includes the marvelous master of the Persian santoor, Ali Bahrami and Pomianowska's  talented student, Aleksandra Kauf, who also plays the knee fiddles.

film made by Remigiusz Zarzycki