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Kamancheh Iran

Spike fiddle. It is played on the knee position. The body of kemanche is in shape of a parabola and it has 4 strings.


Sarangi India

A wooden corpse from one block of very heavy and hard wood, covered with a gut-skin membrane. It’s equipped with 3 intestine strings and 37 metal resonators (tuned depending on the scale used in a piece). Played with the fingernail technique.


Morin-huur Mongolia


A wooden box in the shape of a trapezium through which goes a neck without a fingerboard, ended with a carved horse-head.Two strings are made of horse hair.


Er-hu China

The corpse of six-sided wooden block is covered from one side with snakeskin. The neck goes through two sides of the corpse and there is no fingerboard. Two metal strings are pushed on with fingertips. The hair of the bow goes in between the strings. One of the strings is rubbed from the top and the other one from the bottom.


Maria Pomianowska is playing as a soloist as well as chamber musician in various musical projects. She cooperate with numbers of folk, jazz, classical ,pop and World Music groups and artists. She can play following instruments:

 Bilgoray suka (Poland)


Plock fiddle (Poland)


 Mielec suka (Poland)

 Sarangi (India)

 Gadułka ( Bulgaria) 

 Er-hu (China)

 Morin khuur (Mongolia)


Kamancheh (Iran)