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Maria Pomianowska, Ph.D. Art

Assistant Professor of Musical Arts, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and teacher. Professor of the Academy of Music in Cracow and director of the Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival. As a student at the Academy, she was granted scholarship to learn sarangi under the guidance of maestro P.Ram Narayan in India. Her artistic interests are marked by different musical systems and forms. Since 1984 she has been studying unique techniques of playing Asian instruments, travelling to India, China, Korea, Mongolia, Japan and Middle East.  Between years 1993-96 she conducted the Non-European Music Section at Chopin Academy of Music, along with giving courses at Musicology Institute of the Warsaw University, which portrays the connections and differences between various musical systems. Comparative studies and multicultural experiences allowed her to undertake the highly difficult task of reconstructing and taking into consideration artistic as well as scientific values of two missing traditional Polish instruments. She reconstructed two Polish forgotten instruments :suka from Bilgoraj and fiddle from Plock. In 1995 she established Zespol Polski and visited Japan, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, Siberia, Israel , UK, Africa. In years 1997-2002 she lived in Japan where she continued her musical career. In 2000 drawing from her rich Asian experiences she composed pieces, which were ordered by a world-wide famous cellist Mr. YoYoMa. She performed with him together as well as with the Japanese Empress and Crown Prince. She also performed with world-famous artists:  Boris Grebenshchikov, Gil Goldstein, Gonzalo Rubelcaba, Ian Gilan, Anna Maria Jopek, Stanisław Soyka and others. She has released over 20 albums, many of which have received international awards. In 2010, she has recorded a new CD: Chopin on 5 continents- Maria Pomianowska and friends, with unique arrangements of Chopin’s masterpieces written for ethnic instruments from all over the world. This CD in June 2010 achieved 5th position on world-wide playlist for World Music and Folk music -World Music Charts Europe organized by EBU. In 2010 she opened first in Poland Ethnic Music Department at the Academy of Music in Cracow. In 2011 she created the first in the World  Suka& Fidel orchestra which consist of her students.

Since 2011 she is travelling to Middle East and Africa creating multi-cultural projects:

2011 in Egypt

2012 in Lebanon, Pakistan, Tunisia

2013 in Algeria and Morocco

In 2012 she published first in Poland monographic record of Tekla Badarzewska works, played on musical instruments from around the world . Tekla Badarzewska composition “ Maiden’s Prayer” has been  traveling around the world for 160 years! Every Japanese child knows the tune! Taiwanese garbage collectors signal their arrival with the tune! One of the craters on Venus is called Badarzewska!

In 2013 – the Year of Witold Lutosławski – she founded the LutoSlavs orchestra, in 2014 she published a book Traditional Knee Fiddles with prof. E. Dahlig-Turek and 3 new CDs with her music from projects in Asia and Africa.


In 2011 she  received:

-award named Chopin’s Passport gave by Polish Security Printing Works S.A. and the Chopin Year 2010  Celebrations Committee.  The passports are granted to outstanding artists and people committed to the jubilee celebrations.

- Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis which is a decoration awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

-Marshal of the Mazovia Prize to persons for distinguished contributions to, or protection of Polish culture and the people's heritage

- Silver Cross of Merit from President of Poland

In 2012 she received:

Woman of success in Mazovia

In 2013 she received 

CIFT award for best music in documentary film