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Maria Pomianowska

Assistant Professor of Musical Arts, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and teacher. Professor of the Academy of Music in Cracow and director of the Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival. As a student at the Academy, she was granted scholarship to learn sarangi under the guidance of maestros Ustad Sabir Khan and  P.Ram Narayan in India. Since 1984 she has studied the unique techniques of playing European and Asian instruments. She has traveled to India, China, Korea, Japan and the Middle East. In 1994 she worked with prof. Ewa Dahlig and luthier Andrzej Kuczkowski on a successful reconstruction of two Polish folk string instruments, which have not been preserved to present times ? Biłgoraj suka and Płock fiddle.

The artist has given concerts all over the world for the past 30 years. During her 5-year stay in Japan (1997-2002) she presented Polish traditional and classical music in the biggest music venues. On number of occasions she presented the reconstructed instruments and Mazovian folk tunes and melodies at the Imperial Court of Japan. She has composed and performed with world-famous artists: Yo-Yo Ma, Boris Grebenshchikov, Ram Narayan, Fazal Qureshi, Gil Goldstein, Gonzalo Rubelcaba, Branford Marsalis, and others. She has released 23 solo albums, many of which have received international awards. In 2010 she opened the first in Poland Faculty of Ethno-music at the Academy of Music in Cracow. Since 2011 she has created unique programmes featuring the Mazovian traditional music performed with Egyptian, Ethiopian, Indonesian, Tunisian, Algerian, Pakistani, Senegalese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Irani and Indian musicians in Asia and Africa. In 2014 she published a book Traditional Knee Fiddles with prof. E. Dahlig-Turek. In 2016 she created band Reborn-voice of suka. very special formation using for playing only reconstructed forgotten Polish knee position fiddles.Tis is only existing band using such instruments in different sizes.Band was created only 1 year ago but their CD "Voice of suka" immediately found itself on prestigious British list-Top of the World typed by Songlines (April 2017).


Most significant dinstinctions and awards: Gloria Artis Medal awarded bt Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2010), The Award of the Mazovia Province Marshall (2011), Silver Cross of Merit awarded by teh President of the Republic of Poland.